Toweressar a publicly listed company (BSE: BIL/FS/859 & NSE: ), and has emerged as the world’s largest independent tower company in India. It is registered with the Department of Telecommunications as an Infrastructure Provider in Category I (IP-I).

Tower Installation Condition

Operator requires 250-500 Sqr space. As per company, land (for mobile tower installation) should be without any legal issue and bank loan.


As per the company Lease would for 20 years and till 20 years land owner could not sale that particular space (on which tower installed)whenever landowner wish to un-install tower-he or she has to give written request before 1 month.


As per company tower installation requires 250-500 Sqr space. Company will provide generator light for tower and landowner also consume light from generator for personal use till agreement. Company will provide one sim card so that landowner can easily contact to network provider any time and land owner also can use that sim card for personal use without any charges (No Bill).